Wedding Party

Levi Samz

Best Man

Tyler's big bro. Been there since day one. Loving Father to Jackson and loving husband to Julia and the best bass fisherman you could possibly find.

Kristy Armstrong (Katie's twin Sister)

Maid of Honor

Currently a student at Portland University getting her Bachelors of Science in Anthropology, after her graduation she will move on to her Masters of Science from Birthingway School of Midwifery. She hopes to work interchangeably between the US and abroad writing and working. She is also working towards geting her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification. She is a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu and an avid international traveler.

Colby Myers


Best buds since the Washington years. Experienced a lot of weird situations together, we we even shot at one time, haha. Loving father of Cade and and new baby Cash and loving husband to Cayla.

Juanita Amarica

Maid of Honor

Matron Of Honor, from a small town in Wisconsin, Juanita is the best nail technician in Southwestern Wyoming. She is a mother of two and married to Kepa Amarica. She is the neice of Juanita & Mike Samz (Tyler's parents) and lucky for me, one of my very best friends and the reason this wedding will be successful.

Kayle Case


Tyler's running mate for the longest of time. Always on the same football team because we wanted it that way. One of the greats and a great father to Tanner, Tinleigh, and Haze and a loving husband to Shawnae.

Brooke Scott


This right here is My Best Frand, she taught me how to shotgun beer. She works as a legal assistant at Jacobs Polidora, has a 7 year old son named Parker, and they are the best of buds. She enjoys drinking a nice cold brewski and eating chips & dip. She is single, and that's the key to her heart......"Enough about about me- find me at the wedding and let's do shots".

Mike Burns


The ultimate drummer of the ultimate punk band, Shocktroopers. Tyler's mentor and teacher for the last 15 plus years. Knowledge of all things cars and all things cool. Loving father to Charley, Michael, Frankie, and Sam and loving husband to Randi.



Born in Casper and raised throughout Montana and Wyoming, Laura has been a thriving car dog in sales for over 5 years. She will drink you under the table and will probably offend someone but they won't hate her becuase she is the most outrageously fun person we all know and love! She is a talented dancing and singing fool, emphasis on fool. Whiskey challenge anyone?

Kepa Amarica


Tyler's ruling cousin, vast knowlegde of all things life. Just an all around kick asser who would give you the shirt off his back. Loving father to Javier and Ava and loving husband to Juanita.

Gabrielle Traylor


Mother, Registered Nurse, been married 7 years, loves the outdoors, cooking and being a "Basic Ass Bitch". She's the one you call in the middle of the night wondering if someone needs stitches. If anyone needs saved call gabs.

Casey Seiloff


He waers his super modifieds like a champ. He had the best mullet ever cut. And he and Tyler have partyed way hard before. Loving father to Gunner and Sawyer and loving fiance to Teal. Top Ten Ruler.

Kacey Cummins


Skilled Massage Therapist with 8 years of experiance, full time student to be a Registered Nurse, mother of two little boys. Kacey and I have been close friends for about 6 years, she's my concert buddy and a freaking blast to be around. She's secretely the enforcer of laws should you require an ass whoopin.

Vincent Hoffer


Tyler's right hand man, bandmate and all around good friend. Traveled the world together and rocked hard. Lead singer of the Scutches and one of the best muscians in the world, he just has a nack for it. Loves the beatles and invader pickups.

Kylie Gilbertson


Mother of a sweet little boy, engaged to a talented musician, she attended Paul Mitchell for Cosmotology. Our friendship outdates anyone, she was my first friend in high school and taught me more than she probably realizes. We lived down the street from each other, so I'd ride my horse to her house park him there and ride back home later. Kylie's family's home was my 2nd home growing up and I'm forever thankful for all of them. She's saved me from parties, let me crash on her couch a million times and totally took care of me when I was younger.
Penelope Poppy