Katie and Tyler

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How We Came To Be

The very first time I met "turbo" Tyler was in a friends van after a show, he hopped in and needed a ride to the bar. Even though I thought he was absolutely nuts, I never stopped wanting to be around him. It would turn into a few years before we eventually got to know each other through mutual friends and local punk shows. It evolved into a great friendship filled with music and getting ourselves tangled into wild situations. We would meet for beers and indulge in thought provoking and meaningful conversations, never knowing how much we would end up meaning to each other in the long run. But the summer of 2016 would change our lives forever. He lost a bet when we were tubing behind a boat, he said if I can get you to fall into the water you have to kiss me, I agreed knowing he probably couldn't. I was right. He'd have to wait. Some time later, we both gave in and there was never a bet placed again. We quickly realized that we were never meant to be alone again. What him or I did on a day to day basis turned into what we did together. We met each other's families, and moved in together. We combined friends and traveled great distances. Traveling in a 80's band van with no air conditioner in the summer is a pretty good litmus test indicating if your relationship will stand the test of time. I think I can speak for both of us when I say it has been the absolute best time of our lives, and there's no one better we could choose to have by our sides. In November of 2017 we embarked on a trip to Dublin, Ireland & Venice, Italy. November 21st, on a large, glossy, & brightly cushioned gondola propelled down the Grand Canal by a singing gondolier in stripes, Tyler got on one knee and asked me to marry him. Under the Rialto Bridge I choked out the word yes as fast as I possibly could, knowing that only once in your lifetime do you get to marry your best friend. Since that day it still has been a whirlwind of excitement and adventure. I sincerely want to thank each and every one of you for your support and being such an important part of our lives. We couldn't have chose more loving friends & family than you. You mean the world to us and I look forward to cherishing our big day with you. Cheers!
Penelope Poppy